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August is the different way of owning a second home

The desire of owning second homes have not only increased but is now becoming a reality for a lot of families despite the current concerns of when travelling again will be the right time.

"Overseas property searches were up 33% last month compared with May 2019.". Dennis Chan, global head of international sales at estate agent Chestertons, said he had seen a “surge in demand”.

For many, going on holidays with your precious family will no longer be the same as those who have just started to resume their travel plans are already starting to explore different ways to ensure their health and safety are the priority. “Social distancing would be far more straightforward if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford your own overseas pad." says Chan. So it's no wonder August has had a spike in enquiries in the recent months.

At August, we can feel an increasing optimism. Through online meetings, we have met almost overwhelmingly many new potential families in recent months, and some have signed up to one of our collections.

With most of the world slowing down earlier this year, William and his family committed to August after considering owning a second home for years. Like many other families that have joined August in the past few months, it was the right time for William as he believed that the world would eventually come out through other side and when it did, he wanted to be prepared with the best alternative for him and his family once travelling resumes.

"Not knowing what was happening put a slight pause in our plans but it was this that we decided to go ahead with August. We knew travelling aboard and holidays wouldn't be like what they used to be, where we could just book resorts and shared holiday villas. Knowing we have the option of second homes that are there waiting for us when we are ready to travel again is really reassuring. It's our own place that we don't have to share with anyone so it really settles any safety and hygiene concerns, especially during this time." says William.

Joining an August collection is similar to buying a second home. It is a long term commitment and it takes some time from when you decide to buy the home, to finding it, renovating it and furnishing it. Properties are transformed to become August home because we take the time to ensure it meets the high standards. From buying to renovating your August homes, you can expect a 12 months lead time from when you join a collection to when you can use the homes. As we have started buying and renovating the homes for our Signature Collection, by committing to August now, you'll be sure to enjoy safe, private and beautiful homes ready for you and your family as early as this year. Joining any later sees families having to wait on average 1 year before being able to enjoy their homes.

“We know that it takes more than one day to find, buy, renovate, furnish and finally prepare 5 dream homes. Therefore, it will probably fit very well, if we join August when we did, so that when the situation is more stable when our homes are ready. ” says William.

This is how a lot of families think, and it's great to feel the optimism. August makes sense for more and more people. With the market increase in interest in August over the last 3 months, we are now confident to be finalising our collections in the coming months.

With the first Signature Collection coming close to launching, it will only be time before our families can safely enjoy their new holiday homes.

Interested in becoming an August Collection Family? Book a 1 2 1 call and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with more information.


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