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Bringing the most unique Jazz festival to you - The CosmoJazz Festival

The CosmoJazz Festival is loved by the international Jazz scene but you don't have to be an admirer of Jazz to enjoy this special event. It takes place right by our August home in Chamonix, one of the many highlight Summer activities that Chamonix offers. It's a uniquely free outdoor Summer music festival like no other - be sure to check out the festival next time you're in Chamonix and the official teaser below.

It's an annual event that attracts locals and visitors far and wide. There are open-air stages set up with breathtaking backdrops of the Chamonix Valley in a friendly atmosphere where people come to enjoy the music, nature and each other. So while we wait till next years event we invite you to add this to your Chamonix Summer must-do list and enjoy the sounds of the festival with some of the talented artists programmed from last year including:


For nearly 15 years, the Parisian collective Cotonete transforms scenes and festivals into an incandescent jazz-funk cauldron. A fusion of seventies funk with disco and classy latin jazz, the band multiplies genres and promotes the groove of the 70s. Recently in the studio with Deodato or Di Melo, from Japan to Brazil, through London and Gilles Peterson, Cotonete is quoted, mixed, played, revered!

Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio

Created in 2015, the trio of Delvon Lamarr has won and make a name in the United States and internationally. With Delvon's moving organ sound, Jimmy's explosive guitar and Grant's perfect drums, the three artists found the perfect balance between Soul, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues & Rock & Roll. In 2018, their first album, "Close But No Cigar", ranked first in the list of American contemporary jazz albums.


Kokoroko is a young collective from London, composed of the jewel of the emerging jazz scene of the British capital. Their title "Abusey Johnson" explodes counters with more than 29 million views. Led by trumpeter Sheila Maurice-Gray, the group feeds on the energy of the city's nightlife and the musical influences of Pentecostal churches in West Africa. Kokoroko is one of the most popular bands on the international jazz-Afrobeat scene.

Trio Abozekrys

This is the story of a meeting between two brothers, back and forth in a torn homeland Egypt, where France becomes the home port. Mohamed (oud) and Abdallah (saz) Abozekry gather for an explosive encounter, musically and humanly, which makes us hear what the current music can be in this region of the globe. The duo is now joined by the talented French drummer Nicolas Thé.

Joachim Horsley

Organizing the meeting between classical music and Latin music is a particularly ambitious project as these two artistic worlds seem to oppose each other. When Joachim Horsley reorches the Allegretto of Beethoven's 7th, he does not expect to be seen and heard by nearly 10 million Internet users. On "Via Havana", his latest album, Cuban Rumba and Afro-Venezuelan, Cape Verdean or Haitian styles flamboyantly color the famous themes of Beethoven, Shostakovich, Mozart, Bach, Schubert and Dvorak. American pianist, multi-instrumentalist, Joachim Horsley is also a sound designer and a composer of film music.

Sun Dew

This quartet with atypical instrumentation aims to create a powerful and dreamlike universe built on compositions with ambitious eclecticism and served by talented instrumentalists. Captivating, elaborate and intelligent, Sun Dew's music translates what can be done best in meeting a young European generation curious about everything and the first-rate musical technique.

See you next year at the CosmosJazz Festival in Chamonix!

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