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Convenience is key for this latest American August family

“We're from The US and have family in France so owning August homes means we can travel to France whenever we want, not to mention the bonus homes in Spain, Italy and the UK. We're all very excited and can't wait for Summer. August is the most ideal solution for our family with the large size homes and everything is taken care of. So convenient and perfect for our needs!” - Tammy, Chris and their children, Michelle, Tim, Kenny, 2021 August Collection co-owners

Why not enjoy the good things in life? So when it comes to your holiday homes, why should this be any different? We want you to enjoy the joys rather than deal with the hassle and stress that might be associated with homeownership, especially when it's in a foreign country. We at August take care of all the mind-numbing administration, buying property pressures, renovation difficulties, interior design decisions and ensure your homes are always holiday-ready, waiting for you!

Our latest family Tammy and Chris came across August when they were searching for a second home in France, where their family live. They wanted to be close and have the option to freely visit France without the hassle of managing the homes.

Discover more about this well-travelled family who values convenience, enjoys spending quality time together and how August is the ideal solution for their holiday home needs in Europe. Read more below.

Tammy, Chris and children, Michelle, Tim, Kenny, 2021 August Collection co-owners

Welcome to August, we can't wait for you to experience your homes. Can you please tell us a little bit about your family?

My husband, Chris and I have three adult children, Kenny, Michelle and Tim. They are in their late 20s/early 30s. We live in Boston, The US. We're lucky they still like to hang out with us and go on vacation together. My sisters live in France so we've been going there for years since the kids were young, they are very close with their cousins and I'm very close with my sisters. We're very fond of the French and have always wanted to spend more time there (and Europe) when the kids were grown up. So now is a great time... well when we can travel again!

Have you considered buying a holiday home in Europe?

We've always stayed close to my sisters by The Alps but it can start to add up so we have spoken about it before but as you know, real estate in The French Alps is quite expensive so nothing has really come of it but we did also consider the South of France, getting something with my sisters so they can look after it but it's still a bit of a way for them to travel from the north so we didn't really pursue it because it was inconvenient.

When Chris came across August, earlier this year, it just sounded so ideal, having the two French locations is just perfect! We love Chamonix as it's a big village with everything we need and the location in the French Riviera is wonderful too! We'd considered the south too so now we have homes in both locations plus Mallorca, Tuscany and The Cotswolds so we're very much looking forward to it!

What is most important to you when you go on holidays?

Convenience is key! Being close to things is what we tend to look for in an accommodation location. We like to be on foot and explore new places but will always have a car in France so we can get around to visit family. We also want to feel comfortable with where we are staying. We tend to hire Airbnbs but sometimes you don't really know what you're getting so having our own homes with August will allow us to settle in right away and know exactly what to expect.

How does August suit your family's lifestyle?

Owning August homes means we can travel to France whenever we want to visit my sisters, not to mention the bonus homes in Europe! We're all very excited and can't wait for summer. It really is the most ideal solution for our family with the large size homes because everything is taken care of and we can share it with my family. Even though they live close to Chamonix and we've visited many times, it's still hard to know exactly where the best place to own a home is.

We were so impressed that August do all that for us. They know where the best places are to buy, even down to the street and positioning. It's convenient and makes our lives very easy as they look after everything from finding the homes, buying, renovating, designing and managing which is just so perfect for our needs. My sisters can't wait to use them too!

Which August properties are you most excited about?

As much as we love France, everyone is quite excited about Tuscany. We haven't spent much time in Italy so it will be great to do some exploring there but we'll probably try and visit a few of the homes per trip so that we can maximise our usage.

Interested in becoming an August Collection co-owner? Get in touch at info@augustcollection.co.uk or book a call to speak to us.