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Why it makes sense to own an August collection...

At August we want you to get the most out of your holidays, so explore the benefits that come with an August collection

We've tackled those traditional inconveniences as we believe you deserve the most out of your holidays. We combine the best of true homeownership all while helping you holiday the better way.

Multiple destinations and multiple homes...

Europe is expansive and there is so much to see, so why keep going back to the same place? To suit all families, each August collection provides you with access to a range of homes in the South of France, Tuscany, Mallorca, Chamonix, Barcelona, and the Cotswolds for a fraction of the price a usual second home would be. All while being free from the irritations of acquiring, renovating, maintaining a property.

The homes in the Family and Signature Collections are located nearby amenities that are easily accessible, within a range of landscapes that provide endless activities, all while being centrally located near towns, villages and cities. So as Europe offers a vast range of seasons, you can find yourself skiing in Chamonix, swimming in Mallorca, cycling along the French Riviera, hiking on the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, strolling through the backstreets of Barcelona or basking under the Tuscan sun with the help of your August holiday homes.

No matter the size of your family or the group, there are August homes and collections suitable for everyone. The Family Collection is made up of unique apartments and villas that are perfect for those who value the ease of convenience and share the passion for travel, this collection is perfect for those international travellers and features five beautifully designed properties of 2-3 bedrooms, accommodating 4-6 guests.

This Signature Collection is perfect for families who share the love of travel, spending quality time together and those who value having their private space. This collection features five unique properties with at least 4 bedrooms, accommodating a minimum of 6-8 guests.

Cannes, Mallorca and Chamonix - Some of the locations offered in the August collections

Convenience at your doorstep...

Convenience isn't usually associated with second home ownership, yet it is one of the essential components that make August. We believe you shouldn't have to make a compromise, as many of the August families come from all around the world, you can rest assure your travel time will be minimised to under an hour away from the closest international airports.

As the August collections homes are all yours, it's important that the homes feel like your "home". Be welcomed by the warmth and style that is designed to suit all families including children and pooches. So, to get your holiday started, August takes care of preparing the homes to a hotel-grade standard, expect the beds to be dressed, fresh towels folded, the garden groomed and the pool prepared. This means all you need to do is simply settle in and holiday away!

We want to make you feel at “home”, all you need to do is simply settle in and focus on making memories.

More for your money...

The sharing economy makes sense to us and many families. We provide you with a range of homes and collections that include carefully selected properties that are full of charm and authenticity. The advantage is that we take things off your shoulders so that you don't need to deal with any headaches. We purchase the properties, deal with local authorities, plan and manage the renovation, redesigning the interior in a way the homes are a natural extension of the local region.

As part of curating the collections, we carefully select like-minded co-owners, which all share a common interest in travel, convenience and spending quality time together. The co-ownership includes a range of families, which ensures there is the right mix so that everyone can holiday when they want because you should access the holiday homes you want!

We make sure you don't have to squander around looking for places to visit, so we've also curated a series of Recommendations, "August Recommends". So wherever you are in the world, you'll know you're taken care of. The guides include local contacts, the best restaurants, activities and services h helping you prepare for the best holidays, even before you've stepped into your home.

Find yourself taking part in a range of activities