• Emma S

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Whether it's the South of France, Tuscany, Balearic Islands, English countryside or the French Alps, at August, you can own holiday homes for every season and occasion you can think of. Whether they are Summer holidays, Winter ski trips, weekend breaks, family gatherings, birthday celebrations, anniversaries or just because, why not? We've been inundated lately with enquires about August homes so we're hosting information webinars where we can answer all your questions and tell you more about August and the progress on the collection. 

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We pride ourselves in reimagining properties to create value and luxury homes that you are proud of calling your own, private abodes in stunning locations surrounded by jaw-dropping scenery that you can enjoy with your family and friends for many years to come. So it’s no doubt that when we create August homes, we have your family at the heart of everything we do, because what's a home when you can’t share it with the ones you love? For now, we continue to dream of the day we can travel again, and oh, can that day come any sooner... We have our August homes to get to!  To find out more about where our homes are located, please feel free to get in touch.