• Emma S

Holidays are just the start of getting to know the locals, for this international August family

"Our August homes will be our base when we explore the world as we like to experience the local culture, visit local towns, experience the local food, and meet locals." - Mark and Aki

For many, holidays allow tastebuds to be tingled, senses to be stimulated, history to be told in real life, and the opportunity for inner passions to be realised with the help of locals. Time off from the usual day to day life is cherished with the ones closest and dearest. So when one of our well-travelled international families decided it was time to own a holiday home, they didn't want just one home. The thought of many homes was very appealing as the idea for them to use it as a base for their global travels resonated with how they love to travel.

Mark, Aki and their two teenage boys joined August earlier this year

Read more about their international family below

Welcome, Mark and Aki to August! We're excited to welcome your family, can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your family?

We are a family of 4 (2 teenage boys). Aki is Japanese. I have lived in Asia for the last 25 years. We moved back from Singapore 5 years ago. We love travelling and in most school holidays will find ourselves exploring somewhere in the world.

Just like many, you share the love of travel with our community. How does your family like to spend your holidays?

We like to experience the local culture. So visiting local towns, experiencing the local food, meeting locals and seeing the sights. My boys and I are very keen golfers so golf is always a central part of our holidays. We are active so also hike in the summer and ski in the winter.

When do you usually go on holidays?

I travel a lot for work so I value being able to spend quality time with my family. Our holidays are planned around school holidays and my work. We normally don’t plan much in advance as I need to plan around an ever moving work schedule.

Why did you decide to own holiday homes with August?

The access to 5 high quality homes, in great locations with enough space to invite family and friends. I was thinking of buying a second home so this is an interesting alternative. We'll use our August homes as a base to be able to spend more time and explore local areas.

Which August home locations are the family most looking forward to?

They all have their attractions but being close to golf courses is a massive bonus for the boys and I but for Aki, it's for sure the South of France.

What’s your favourite item you pack when going on holidays?

Golf Clubs of course.

Interested in being an August home co-owner? Join Mark, Aki and many others by getting in touch to discover how you can start holidaying soon. info@augustcollection.co.uk