• Emma S

How to become an August co-owner

Dreaming about your holiday home? Many people around the world think about it every day but find they are stopped in their tracks when they start to discover the process and hassles holiday home ownership involves.

At August, we believe that there is a much better way to own second homes and this is co-ownership. We have invested in finding the best structure and process to streamline and modernise co-ownership of second homes in order to maximise the positives: dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of purchasing and owning five holiday homes in the best locations.

We handle everything, so that buying and owning second homes in the best locations could not be easier for you.

3 easy steps to owning holiday homes with August

S T E P 1: S H O P

Choose your collection: Discover our collections, attend our webinars to understand more about our collections and which one will best match your holiday dreams and needs. If you feel that August could be the right fit for you, we will organise a coffee meeting (often online) where we explain the legal structure, contractual framework, and any questions you might have.

Should we both feel that August is the right fit for you and your family, we will send you the co-ownership documents and letter of intent for you to read and sign in order to reserve your share in the next collection. At this point you are not committed and can withdraw at any point.

S T E P 2: B U Y

Become a co-owner: We set up the LTD designed for co-ownership which we refer to as 'collection'. We bring together our vetted co-owners and manage all legal details. You are now officially an August co-owner and will receive a funding request for the balance of the collection share to be funded into the collection’s account.

August buys and renovates your five homes on your behalf. As all properties are purchased via the LTD, at closing, the August co-owners enjoy 100% ownership.

S T E P 3: E N J O Y

Book your holidays: For one simple fee per year, we take care of everything – home repairs, bill pay and property management, so that all is left for you is to book your holidays. Booking your holidays is easy and equitable using our co-owner booking system and technology.

To enjoy your holidays to the fullest, use our concierge service to choose from our additional services menu: nanny service, cook, extra cleaning and ironing, grocery shopping before you arrive, activity booking (restaurants, sports) and airport transfer.

We take care of all your holiday needs right from the very bringing so you don't have to, allowing you to maximise your time off with your family and friends.

To find out more and next steps to becoming an August Collection co-owner, drop us a line on info@augustcollection.co.uk.