• Emma S

How to own five homes for the cost of less than one - Benefits of owning holiday homes with August

Whether it’s the picturesque South of France, rolling hills of Tuscany, Mallorca, Chamonix or quintessentially English countryside, owning a holiday home that’s worth more than 1 million Euros each tend to start off as a dream but what if there was a way you can own not one, but five exquisite holiday homes across five stunning European locations for a cost of less than owning one?

It's common we get asked a lot about how owning multiple homes is actually more beneficial than owning one. How is it possible to own not one but five-holiday homes at a fraction of the cost of one home that's free from the irritations of running and maintaining a property?

It's no wonder we've seen an increase of families committing to an August collection. August takes care of everything (all the property administration before you commit to August, the home designs and renovations, full home experience before you arrived to the moment you leave, the clean after you leave, and of course the ongoing maintenance of the homes), so that you don't have to worry, making this a more cost-saving and an ideal way forward for owning holiday homes overseas.

More bounce for the ounce

Co-owning multiple holiday homes for the cost of less than one holiday home is the smarter way to invest in your family. A significantly lower cost than buying a comparable property or even renting, by investing 325,000€ you become a part owner of 5 properties worth over 6,000,000€!

Worry less, hassle-free ownership

August is all about reducing stress and maximising holidays. Taking care of all the holiday homes and experience, August search for the best properties, complete and deal with the home purchases, reimagine, renovate, design, and furnish the homes to the highest luxury standards as well as maintain and manage the homes so that it's ready for your holiday visit with family and friends.

For every stay, August prepares your home to the highest standards and to your personal requirements before you arrive. There is nothing better than coming home to a well-stocked fridge with fresh towels ready for poolside Summer fun.

A part of the August community

Being a part of the August community means access of an average of 12 weeks to your five homes. Your homes are optimised so that you can accommodate as many guests as possible and even has a sofa bed in every living room. So with our simple and convenient booking system that benefits both long term and short term planners, booking your next holiday is as easy as 1, 2, 3, the hardest part is choosing who to bring with you. You can even reserve your home away from home for your loved ones without having to be there - allowing your family and friends to also experience these five dream locations and your unique holiday homes.

So to find out more about how your dream of owning multiple homes for the cost of less than one, get in touch - info@augustcollection.co.uk