• Emma S

Mallorca - Our favourite hidden beaches

A popular destination in the Mediterranean, Mallorca is beloved by all, especially by us at August. So much so that we have chosen this sunny island as one of our Summer home destinations.

The island is surrounded by a stunning coastline and pristine white sand beaches so it's a no wonder the population multiples over the Summer.

During our many trips to Mallorca to find the perfect August holiday home, we've had the chance to check out many beaches so we wanted to share with you a couple of our favourite spots off the beaten track.

Hidden bay - Es Caló des Moro

Along hidden corners of the island is the Migjorn area (in the south of the island), and more specifically Santanyí, one of the most spectacular parts of the Mallorcan coastline. The white sands and turquoise sea make this area a dream come true for beach lovers. Surrounded by typical pine forests and very near to Cala Llombards, the largest and busiest beach in the area, is Es Caló des Moro, a tiny bay hidden between the trees and rocks.

This beach has no facilities for tourists which makes it especially exclusive. Get there early – space is limited, especially in July and August, as this bay is only 30 metres long and 20 metres wide.

Healing mud in Llucalcari

Llucalcari, is a small village in the Deià region that offers a beautiful little cove just below the hill it’s perched upon. Famously known as a nudist refuge and also it’s mineral-rich mud you can slather all over your body for a natural exfoliation treatment. 

The 20-minute hike from Cala Deià to Llucalcari’s cove is saturated with wildly untamable pine trees. Their long trunks have been bent by the strong winter winds causing them to droop over the cliffs as if they’ve yearned their whole lives to touch the water’s surface. The rugged footpath weaves in and out of dense forest and bucolic hillsides, dotted with majestic openings to the sea. Lack of signage makes Llucalcari a bit of a hidden secret.