• Emma S

Meet Juliana and Martijn - our latest family to join the Signature Collection

For Juliana and Martijn, the idea of whisking their family away without too much baggage to enjoy the great outdoors will soon be a reality. This Dutch/Brazilian family relocating back to Europe enjoys hiking and cycling during long school holiday breaks so you can only imagine how excited they are to spend quality time with their friends and family.

After realising the reality of owning a holiday home and finding it difficult to justify the cost of usage, Juliana and Martijn committed as one of our latest families after coming across August during their search for a second home over Summer. They soon decided it was the ideal way of owning holiday homes for their family.

We caught up with Juliana and Martijn recently and are thrilled to welcome them as one of the latest August families. Here's what they had to say about August and their upcoming visit to their Chamonix and Provence homes.

Can you please tell us a little bit about you and your family?

We are a pretty international family. I was born and raised in Holland and spent the last 25 years in Latin America. My wife is from Brazil and our two daughters were born in São Paulo. We moved around quite a lot in the last decade and recently decided to settle in Portugal.

Before committing to August, have you considered buying a holiday home?

We did, but so far it didn’t make much sense because of limited vacation time and the commitments to our families in Brazil and the Netherlands. Instead, we travelled locally taking as much advantage as possible of short holidays to get to know the countries we passed through.

Were there any challenges or hesitations that prevented you from buying?

Well, among the main obstacles we identified were: the financial cost, compared to the expected usage of a few weeks per year; the required administration and the associated headache of maintaining a second home; and finally, we wanted some flexibility, instead of being forced to go to the same place over and over again, to justify the investment.

Why is August the right fit for your family?

For starters, the concept offered by August nicely takes care of all previously identified obstacles. Financially, compared to any other second home, it is very compelling. All maintenance is taken care of while you get access to your own luxury villas and homes in Europe’s most attractive locations. In addition, the size of the houses (4 bedrooms) allows us to spend our vacation with family and friends! For us, August is a perfect fit.

What is most important to you when you go on holidays?

Sometimes, we leave on a short vacation, even though I have to work myself. So having access to a stable WiFi connection is essential. We also prefer to travel light so that we can leave without significant preparations. In this regard, arriving at a place with clean towels, bedsheets and a stocked kitchen is great. Now, for our girls, they usually spend most of the time in a pool. So a nice swimming pool is pretty basic as well.

When and how will you be using the homes?

We expect to travel during Portugal’s school holidays in periods of two to three weeks, and, in addition, I hope to use a few of these homes for off-season cycling and hiking trips with my cousins and friends!

What's the most appealing factor about August for your family?

Basically, with the beautiful properties carefully selected, renovated, prepared and maintained by August, we’ve effectively taken care of our vacations in Europe for years to come. We hope that bit by bit, we become much more at home and much less tourist in these amazing destinations.

Which August properties are you most excited about?

Personally, I have great memories of past vacations in Provence and The Alps. Therefore, I look forward to spending quality time cycling through Provence and hiking in Chamonix as we're not big skiers. But Mallorca and Tuscany have a similar appeal due to the weather and activities, we’ll just need to get to know the region a bit better :) 

We continue to be mindful when selecting families that embody our ethos so that we can ensure August is right for you. We carefully consider the balance in demographics as well as how and when our families will use the properties. For example, if all of our families had school-age children, it would inevitably lead to bottlenecks around school holidays. We have attracted a range of people from a variety of professions, from lawyers to entrepreneurs and directors. We have retirees who’ve sold holiday homes after tiring of the same spot and the upkeep owning a property requires. We also have young parents with small children and couples whose children have flown the nest.

So if you are considering holidaying in your own homes, feel free to get in touch: info@augustcollection.co.uk