• Emma S

Meet Susan one of the committed families for our Signature Collection

Did you consider buying your own holiday home abroad before joining August?

Yes I did. I’ve always dreamt of owning a holiday home in the south of France or Spain for quite a while. In the last 4 years, I even did a few viewing trips and visited around 20 to 30 homes - but I could never decide what was right for me.

Did you own a holiday home before?

No I didn’t, however my parents used to have a holiday home in Normandy. The house was sold as the whole family got tired of going back there and no one really wanted to take care of the maintenance of the house. To be fair, many of my friends sold their holiday homes for the same reason and that’s probably the drawback when you have to commit to one place.

Why did you end up not buying your own home?

As I said, I could not really decide where I wanted the property to be. And I was not completely confident with the administration processes in France or Spain when it comes to buying a home. I also think a part of me didn’t want to take care of another property abroad!

Have you considered co-ownership before?

To tell you the truth, I haven’t. I was quite familiar with the concept but in my mind it did not really resonate with true ownership. After meeting with the founders, I understood that August was actual ownership which felt very reassuring and which is why I started considering joining a collection.

What has motivated you to join an August Collection?

To be fair, it was a bit of a no brainer for me, I work in finance and don’t have so many holidays, and as a result I don’t want to be sorting out issues and house maintenance on my time off. I love the idea that it is completely hassle-free and not just having one location, but 5! The quality and design of the homes are incredible and were of course an important decision factor for my family. I can’t wait to see the properties!

When going on holiday, what are the most important criteria for you and your family?

I want convenience. I would never choose a property 2-3 hours from the airport or completely isolated. I really like the idea that all the family is free to do whatever they want during the holiday and that nothing is complicated.

We love going to small local restaurants for example, so it’s important for us that our houses aren’t located in remote places but around authentic villages where we can really experience the local culture. August has a big emphasis on the local aspect of each of their homes which I really like.

I’m also an avid golfer so it’s important for me to be located close to a golf course!

Which properties do you think you’ll use the most?

The south of France is of course very appealing to me as this is where I wanted to buy. I’m also very attracted to Mallorca. I think I will use the Cotswolds too but more for long weekends!

I’m not a big skier, so Chamonix is probably the one that I will use the least but Melie insists that it’s really nice during the summer so I really want to experience it! Truth is, I can’t wait to try them all and think my choices will vary from one year to the other!

What convinced you that August was the right fit for you?

Well the model is super attractive in itself - owning 5 homes for a much smaller investment than I had planned to buy a single holiday home! Also, the founders really took the time to explain the model which I feel is very smart and transparent - you know exactly where your money goes and how it’s being used, you stay in control which is very reassuring. Of course the fact that you don’t need to take care of anything is extremely attractive for me.

Also, I come from a big family and I love renting homes and inviting everyone, the fact that all the August homes have many bedrooms and the fact that I can invite my friends and family at no extra cost is a no-brainer!

If someone was debating whether to join August, what would you tell them?

Meet with the founders and do it! They really love what they do and I really feel that the team does not want any family who would not be 100% happy with August. For me it was really an open conversation about finding out whether this was right for us!

Interested and what to know how to join August? Get in touch on info@augustcollection.co.uk to have all your questions answered.