• Emma S

See what William thinks of August. One of the committed families for our Signature Collection

How long have you been considering purchasing a holiday home?

The last two years is when my wife and I started to seriously consider purchasing a holiday home for the family but had been thinking about it on and off for the past 5 years. We have four kids, twins who are 7 years old who still live with us and two older daughters, young adults in their early twenties who have moved out. My wife and I wanted a holiday home where we could take all 4 kids to spend quality time as it's not often we have all 4 kids under one roof.

How do you feel about co-owning homes with 20 other families?

This is quite a new concept to us and it took a bit of time to understand. In the past, we rented holiday homes in Europe and spent a lot of time finding the right place. They were rarely quite as expected. So when we looked into it further with August, it made sense to own homes that are of a high standard in locations that we love. It's a great way to split the expenses especially as you don't live there full time. You get so much more than just buying your own home plus you get five instead of one home in different locations, our friends still don't believe us so we can't wait to share our homes with them next time we're on holidays!

Do you own any holiday homes?

No, after our two eldest daughters moved out we downsized our family home which gave us a bit of saving to consider purchasing a holiday home so when we came across August it was a very interesting find. We didn't know what to make of it at first because it sounded too good to be true but after meeting with Melie and Nico close to a dozen times we are now fully committed and can't wait for the first two homes in France to be completed. It couldn't come any sooner and the timing is just perfect for us.

How did you hear about August?

We were at the "Luxury Property Show" last year and met Nico, since then we've met Melie and had many face to face and phone meetings.

What do you consider when going on holiday?

Having enough space is important to us. With a family of children of different ages, everyone likes to do their own thing but also we make sure there is family time too.

Do you have any favourite home locations?

We love The Alps, Swiss, Italian, French, we love them all and have been going there for years. So we were thrilled when Nico and Melie told us that one of the first homes in the collection is in Chamonix. We love the snow but now to have access to a home in the French Alps means Summer in the mountains! The kids are so excited we can't wait.

What made you finally commit to an August Collection?

We had a lot of questions, firstly to understand the concept, then how it was actually possible finance wise and if we actually did own the homes so that we had the option to sell at a later point. We involved our lawyers early on to make sure everything checked out and it did. The world also went into a strange time and we knew that had we had the option to escape to a second home that was private and away from the chaos it would have be been ideal.

Does this resonate with you and are you interest to find out more? There are limited spaces remaining in this collection so if you want to know how to join August get in touch info@augustcollection.co.uk or follow us on Instagram for renovation progress.