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Savvy real estate veterans, Lisa and Brian, join an August Collection

With the rise of holiday home searches continuing in Europe from buyers all around the globe, families are starting to discover the value of having home options to escape to. The reality of buying and owning properties abroad does not make it an easy endeavour. As such, this is why August is the perfect alternative to owning second homes in Europe for one of our American family, especially as they have already gone through the process of buying and renovating in France.

Lisa, Brian, from Newport, USA, and their large blended family of 7 children are a well-travelled, grown-up bunch. They are adventurous with the places they visit but also enjoy spending quality time together and the time to get to know places. As veterans of owning, renovating, building and designing second homes, they appreciate the time it takes for beautiful designs to be created. They love getting in on the ground floor with anything innovative, especially when it can combine their passion for international travel and adventure.

"We've worked on many real estate and design projects all over the US for many years, so we know what's involved with creating homes and appreciate building these spaces. We've travelled to a lot of places whilst raising a large family and we love it." states Lisa.

So when it came to an opportunity of owning more second homes in a different continent, where they are able to use their current home in Paris as a base, Lisa and her family were more than ready to commit to an August Collection.

"When it comes to our own homes, it's important we have space for our children to share our travels. They are all grown adults now and they don't all travel with us at the same time but we'll probably see more of them in Europe at our August homes than if they were down the road, in the States."

For real estate lovers, finding the perfect homes in ideal locations, that are within the budget, that has everything one has ever wanted, tends to be half the fun when seeking out the dream second home. Although, the journey of buying and renovating properties abroad can be difficult if you're not accustomed to the local regulations and don't speak the language.

"A few years back I started working on a project very close to my heart in Paris. It's done now but it took just over a year to complete and another year for renovations. It's very special to me because I've had the delight of creating it with my own vision that's mine, and it's in Paris! Having done quite a few projects, it's pretty easy for me but working in a foreign country has its challenges.

My French is non-existent so you can only imagine how we got it together but luckily, my Polish contractor from back at home worked with me on this project. Between him and the French contractor, who knew a bit of Polish, we were able to just about work it out but it was testing at times.

I know very well, first hand what it means to not only own second homes but to renovate and design in a foreign country! I won't be doing that again any time soon."

Creating beautiful homes is at the heart of August. However, for some families, especially for the homes on the other side of the globe, dealing with day to day maintenance is what makes owning holiday homes in Europe unattractive.

"We love beautiful homes but know what's involved when it comes to the details and administration so it's really great that August just handles all of that. The designs of the homes are really considered and lovely. So much so that I'm drawing inspiration from one of the French August homes bathrooms for one of my latest projects and have shared it with my team."

August home Provence bathroom

Administration and on-going management are all factored into August Collections. The August mission is to remove all headaches associated with buying and owning property abroad making your holidays feel like holidays. Leaving you all the time to enjoy what you do best, and this is what made sense to Lisa and Brian.

"I think the August concept is great, we've always wanted to own homes in Europe and Australia, so not only can we now expand our homes to Europe which allows us to own titles in the homes, but everything is also looked after for us. We'll be sharing it with our children so having space is wonderful but we'll also want to use it for ourselves and friends. I'm more on the adventurous side than my husband so these destinations are a great mix and perfect for us.

We're very fond of France and have spent some time in the Alps where our daughter spent a ski season training so we're very much looking forward to visiting again. We also have our Paris home which we list on Thirdhome for a couple of weeks a year in exchange for other homes. But now having August homes will allow us to spend more time in Paris as a base whilst we explore more of Europe and get to know the August home locations. We've never been to Mallorca and being from Newport, it'd be great to see how the sailing scene compares."

For many, owning holiday homes is fast becoming a new normal but with August, it's even more straightforward than to just book a holiday. You have the comfort and ease of knowing where you're going, a hotel-like experience minus all the in-personal touches and without the worry and hassle of homeownership. Allowing you really enjoy your holidays because after all, it's the better lifestyle choice.

"We're a very adventurous family with a passion for travel but I'm not fussed about where I sleep and can pretty much fall asleep anywhere but one thing I don't like is a box hotel. I like character and cosiness, that's important."

With a true passion for thrill-seeking and being at one with nature, it was no wonder that when Lisa was asked what her favourites item was when travelling, her camera prominently takes up priority in her hand luggage.

"I like to take my own tea with me when I travel. It's comforting and my homey touch, so having a place where I can enjoy my tea that I brought with me is nice. I also love nature and taking photos, so you'll always see me at the airport with my camera and big lenses or up close and personal with the wildlife. That's what I really love about being away!".

Join Lisa and other August families to discover how you can co-own an August Collection today. The Signature Collection is close soon so if you are interested and want to gain early access, get in touch info@augustcollection.co.uk or attend our next webinar.

*All photos are shared from Lisa and Brian's private collection