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Sharing finally makes sense for August Collection family, Patricia and James

Having spent the last 13 years between Manchester and Mallorca, Patricia and James owned their second home in Mallorca and had never considered co-ownership of a second home until their needs changed recently - their granddaughters were growing up and so splitting their time between Manchester and Mallorca to support their son and his family with childcare was no longer necessary. It meant they could spend more time back in the UK, go on more holidays and no longer had the need for a full-time home Mallorca but had always planned to frequently visit.

Read more about Patricia and James's journey and how August Collection is finally the ideal holiday home solution for their new lifestyle.

Patricia and James, Manchester, UK

Never thought they'd be second homeowners again until their lifestyle changed and they discovered August

"My husband, James and I are in our late 60s and we have one adult son and three granddaughters. We've recently moved back to Manchester full-time but had spent the previous 13 years splitting our time between Manchester and Mallorca - where our son, Tim and his family live. They have three girls so we were out there on grandparent duties to help with childcare. We would alternate between Manchester and Mallorca, spending a few months here and there. We loved it there and even had our own place not too far from them but as the girls grew, the need for us to help with childcare was less so it meant we could spend more time back home.

We've been back in the UK since we sold our place a couple of years ago so it's now our primary residence. This was right before the world went into lockdown. Our plan was to continue visiting Tim and our granddaughters but without the hassle of owning a place out there. We've been looking into other accommodation options because staying with them gets a bit crowded and we like our own space. We've come across property clubs and home exchanges which seem fine but we like the idea and the comfort of our own home. This is why we started to consider fractional ownership, it didn't make sense for us before as we wanted to own the whole home as we were spending more time there but now it's a good solution.

Having the option and freedom to come and go as we please is great but we didn't want to share with too many people. So when we came across August it seemed very ideal for us. Not only do they have a place in Sóller, Mallorca, but the number of co-owners is also limited to 21. They even do all the home furnishing (which looks very nice) and management. This is so great because we know first hand how much work that can be. There's a lot of space and also four other home location. We've always said when the girls were older we'd be able to travel a bit more so now we can even take them with us!

The more we looked into August, the more it just felt right. Unlike property clubs and other fractional ownership we came across, August offers real ownership to the homes. We like that we actually own the homes rather than just "rent" them. The process has been very straightforward and it's been very easy to say yes. We didn't think we'd buy another second home after we sold our place in Mallorca or even be able to own property in Europe after Brexit but actually for less than the price of our previous home, we were able to secure a share in an August Collection and own five homes in Europe. We didn't think this was possible.

We can't wait to be reunited with Tim and our granddaughters in Mallorca. We're counting down the time so hopefully, later this year we'll get to travel to our new August homes. The girls are very excited and we've told them all about the other locations so we're all looking forward to giving them big hugs and kisses and visiting new places!"

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