• Emma S

The European Chapter – British aviation retirees ready to get back into Europe!

“Life never stops so keeping an open mind is why we started thinking about spending time in Europe. It’s closer than our Florida home and we can maybe drive. We probably won’t take our dog, Willow, but the flexibility is ideal. We were looking at buying ourselves in France, but when we came across August, it seemed like a good alternative.” British aviation retirees, August Family Collection.

Many dream of flying but how many people actually say they grew up to fulfil their ambition? For one of our August families, this was the reality. In fact, a life in aviation led to overseas opportunities and international residency. Now retired, this family is ready to move onto their next chapter that is a bit closer to home and on their doorstep i.e. Europe.

Wishing to stay confidential, you can read more about this couple below.

Welcome to August! Can you please tell us a bit about your background and family?

I loved aircraft as a boy and was lucky enough to grow up doing what I loved. I cycled to local aerodromes and toured Europe way back visiting over 100 airfields. I was fortunate enough that my second job was working at an aviation training company that eventually (20 years later) operated 170 aircraft teaching both aeroplane and helicopter pilots from around the world. I eventually was fortunate to run that company.

The company developed a number of bases in Spain, Florida and also in the UK. Looking back it was a really great opportunity and became my career life. That’s where my partner and I met, both being directors and growing the business internationally. When you work in aviation it is usually a 7 day week so you have to develop a flexible lifestyle to deal with all family and work issues alike.

We have 3 married daughters between us and 5 grandchildren. My daughter lives in London and my partner has one daughter in Australia and her eldest lives just up the road. We recently gained Willow, our Border Terrier pup, who keeps us busy and likes to dig up the garden and eat shoes! Hopefully, she’ll grow out of that soon!

What an adventurous life! We bet you've lived all over the world. Are you familiar with owning a second home?

Yes, very much so. We moved to our current New Forest home in the UK in 2018 and are in the middle of selling our previous home in Dorset.

Having spent most of our lives in aviation, it was instrumental in our travelling all around the world. Two of the company bases were in the USA and we ended up owning a home in South Florida which we’ve had for 9 years now. We usually go there for the winter but as the last 12 months would have it, not being able to travel has meant we’ve had to stay put. We had a few flights cancelled last year but we’ve booked again in June so let’s hope it works out but you just never know.

Life doesn’t stop but maybe long-haul travel could, which is why we started thinking about our European Chapter, with buying in France being most likely.

How does August suit your family's lifestyle?

We like the idea of variety, multiple places and homes. We will eventually sell our Florida home. It’s a way to go but we have tended to escape the British winter by going there for the last few years.

Our next chapter is Europe. It’s closer and we can drive. We probably won’t take Willow every trip but it’s nice to have the option. We were looking at buying ourselves in various areas but probably France, but when we came across August, it seemed a valid alternative.

Not having to worry about fixing anything that is broken, the administration etc. and avoiding all home hassle is very attractive. It allows us more time to just enjoy the locations. It is likely we’ll build our trips during the non-key times to best use the August homes. With our Florida home, we tend to use it as a base to allow us to visit other places close by – Puerto Rico, New York, New Orleans etc. And we will do the same with the European homes. We are already thinking about the driving trips we can do in Europe and the benefits of being spontaneous as the August booking system allows may be ideal for us retirees!

We will also look forward to sharing our homes with our family. My partner has 3 granddaughters in the UK and 2 grandsons in Australia so it will be great for when they visit. It’s a good reason to go on holidays and fire up the BBQ or just enjoy the ambience.

We look forward to being able to travel again and are glad we retired when we did some 10 years ago. We still like to keep in ‘gentle’ touch with the aviation work through the latest news but we have our t-shirts for that and now it’s time to further enjoy life. The August homes in Europe will hopefully help us with this next part of our journey.

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