• Emma S

Why more and more families are joining August

Joining an August Collection is perfect for families who want to own holiday homes without the hassles of maintenance that comes with owning property. There is also the added bonus of having access to multiple homes in different destinations for a mid-sized budget. The concept is a new and better way of holiday homeownership.

Proven track record and expertise

For over a decade, the August team has a proven track record in building different companies in real estate, interior design and services and has worked on multiple renovations and design and build projects. We’ve realised that most privately-owned holiday properties are not for rent and remain unoccupied most of the year. Many properties are therefore only used for a few weeks every year and we believe that this is a significant waste of resources.

Better together

By joining forces and owning multiple properties, holiday homes are utilised more effectively most of the year. This is beneficial, not only to maintain and keep an eye on the properties but the increased and regular use also have a positive impact on the local communities balancing seasonality.

Being multiple families owning multiple holiday homes together ensures much better value for the investment. In recent years, the sharing economy has grown enormously on the global agenda. Sharing makes sense in several sectors, but particularly, as it relates to holiday properties which for the most part typically only is used a fraction of the year.

With our headquarters in London, UK, August has perfected the concept that has brought the idea to life for our first families who will soon start holidaying in their August homes.

  • August gives you co-ownership of all 5 homes, not just 1

  • August is fully transparent in all phases of ownership

  • August makes life easy because we take care of everything

  • August are individually tailored holiday homes, not resort properties

  • August is not timeshare

How it works

Our collections are based in the UK, where we organise 21 owners in a limited liability company under the laws of England and Wales and call it an August Collection. A 1/21 share in a collection is called a holiday property share. Each August collection owns five beautiful holiday homes in 5 different locations. Each owner will co-own the five properties with the other 20 families and equally share the costs. The 21 families will meet each other at the inauguration meeting and shortly after deposit their equal share to a fiduciary account belonging to the collection. The entire set-up is organised to provide security for everybody, legally, on tax matters, and financially. In short, we build trust through full transparency.


August ensures an end to end experience that is weightless and worry-free. August will source and manage the acquisition of properties to ensure they meet the strict criteria, the team will renovate, design and furnish the homes. This means you won’t have to deal with any local or supply partners nor any additional costs such as local property taxes, legal fees, mortgage administration charges, managing utility bills maintenance and repairs? Allowing you to fully relax into your holiday and creating those precious memories with the family and friends.

Easy to book your holidays

With an easy to use online system, you can simply manage and book access to holiday homes. Whether they are longer holiday stays or last-minute trips. Without the pressure or stress, the booking system is designed for ease just like owning August homes and will allow you to get the desired times you want for one of the properties.

On average, each owner has an available 12 weeks to enjoy their five holiday homes, which is more time than most use. This means you will be able to lend out weeks to family and close friends for them to also enjoy. We expect families to use their homes about 6-9 weeks a year, leaving plenty of availability in the calendar for both long-term holiday planning and spontaneity short term stays. Ensuring the quality of the home maintenance, the holiday properties cannot be rented out.

So there's really no hassle like renting a holiday home nor do you ever have to worry about cleanliness, quality, or location. It's the luxury of going to your own getaway villa, a familiar feeling you have time and time again when you open that door, without all the hassles that come with owning, a hotel-like experience where your beds are ready and fresh towels are folded.

Not convinced and have more questions? Speak to us to find out more about why it's better to own with August or drop us a line: info@augustcollection.co.uk