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What it takes to become an August home

All August homes are different, why? because we take the time to carefully handpick properties full of charming characteristics which are then completely re-designed to ensure they are to the highest standards. So much so that we would be proud to call our own. This is the August way.

When you join an August collection, you're doing yourself a favour. You're saving yourself from headaches and the time that usually comes with holiday homeownership, especially abroad. You'll tap into our expertise, eye and will have access to the best real estate when it comes to transforming unique properties into your dream homes. Imagine that, a whole lot of hassle that you won't have to deal with. We streamline the homeownership process so that all you have to do is holiday! Discover how we make this possible...

Dream homes in dream locations

With the August way, our approach allows our dedicated real estate team access to the greatest property options. We know it can be challenging to find perfect properties that meet all our requirements and at the right price. So we, therefore, focus on finding properties full of potential, in the perfect location that can be updated or fully renovate up to the August standards.

We never consider anything brand new because of the price and we would have fewer property options (it also often lacks in character and charm). It simply wouldn't be the August way.

We ensure all homes meet the August criteria which have your family needs in mind. These are your dream homes so they should be everything you've ever dreamt of. This of course should include:

  • Being conveniently located from international airports

  • Access to essential amenities in nearby quaint villages and towns

  • Activities for all times of the year - hiking, golfing, cycling, boating, skiing, beach sports or indoor (such as shopping like a local!)

  • Idyllically located from natural wonders for those who enjoy exploring the local areas

  • Enough private space with beautiful views and surroundings in a cosy home for quality family/friends downtime.

Did we mention eating? We have you covered. Enjoying a great meal plays a big part at August, so destinations that offer the best local culinary delights also rank quite high on the criteria list. We also have a Recommends Guide we can share with you to get your pallet going.

Properties with potential, full of character and charm

Homes that are full of character and charm can often undertake serious amounts of work when it comes to renovating and interior designing to high contemporary living standards. We have you covered, but what do we look for?

Unique features, authentic materials

Arched windows, doorways, shutters, terracotta tiling, original fireplaces, stone exteriors, exposed wooden beams, high ceilings, period tiles and custom staircases, all add to the authentic charm of an August home. These are some of the features we look for when we search for your properties. Renovations and interior designs take lead from these key home features to really showcase the authenticity of the region the homes are located in.

Home features that we look for when searching for August homes

Homes full of potential where we can add value

What we look for is potential. Open plan living is what you can expect from an August home. Our interior designers create cosy spaces that you want to spend time in, by opening up rooms with neutral colours and sometimes knocking down walls to create the spaces that we love, letting in the natural light and a better flow.

Before and afters - Mallorca home renovation

Spaces for group entertaining and alone downtime

Whether it's inside the home or outside, having enough space for you, your family and group gatherings is a must. We know holiday time is quality family time but isn't it great to also have the option to catch up on that book you've been meaning to finish?

For this, we look for homes that we can reconfigure and design so that the whole family instantly feels at home.

Before and afters - large living space that opens onto a 15M terrace with views of Mont Blanc for our August Signature Collection Chamonix home

Before and afters - lots of indoor/outdoor areas at our August Signature Collection French Riviera home

Beautiful views and surroundings

You can expect all August homes to showcase the beautiful surrounding landscape, from the enveloping mountainous views, rolling hillsides, lush countrysides and cityscapes. You will no doubt feel like you're on holiday when you're visiting your August home.

Perfectly well-groomed private gardens with views of the rolling French Riviera hills throughout the August French Riviera home

Large terrace with panoramic views of the Tramuntana mountains for our townhouse in Mallorca

Views of Mont Blanc from the August Chamonix apartment terrace

If you are interested in finding out more about what we look for when we search for August homes or any of the other August collection homes, feel free to book a call to speak with us directly or drop us an email info@augustcollection.co.uk