• Emma S

What not to pack with August

Owning your own holiday home is no longer a dream. With August, you can own your little part of paradise in 5 picture perfect European locations where you can get away from it all, anytime throughout the year with your family and loved ones.

Did we mention this is all owned by you without the hassle of having to deal with furnishing the homes with your favorite essentials and additional costs such as local property taxes, legal fees, mortgage administration charges, managing utility bills maintenance and repairs etc? Allowing you to fully relax into your holiday and creating those precious memories with the family and friends.

All 5 of your August homes come fully serviced with the below and a few extra surprises, so there’s less worry with packing and more room in your luggage for outfits and local gifts to bring home!


Freshly soft luxurious hotel grade linen are fitted on all beds for you and your guests to enjoy. So luscious and cozy to help with those much deserved holiday lie-ins.


We know how much room packing towels can take up in your luggage and you can never have enough plush and fluffy towels when on holiday. So all your homes come with an abundance of towels including matching bathrobes and specific beach towels for times you’re by the pool.

Toiletries and hair care

Enjoy the best natural products and hand soap from the local region of your home, it’s very likely the soap is made from the local village. We also know good hair is important no matter which homes you're at so hair dryers and straightening irons will be ready for your use.

Welcome packs

To live like a local, you must eat like a local. All welcome packs come with a sample of kitchen essentials to get you and your family started. To ensure the kitchen is fully stock with pantry essentials from the local region of your home you can use the additional shopping service prior to your arrival.

Fully functioning kitchens

Eating like a local will means cooking like a local so we’ve made all the kitchen upgrades for you! All August homes are fitted with brand fully functioning kitchens perfect for whether you’re a novice cook or a home pro.

Local area guides

Each home includes up to date trusty local guides of the best places to shop, eat, drink, play, see and visit to get you familiarised with your local region and have you living like the locals from the first time you arrive at your August home.

Additional add-on services

We understand there may be times where you may have additional needs so we want to make sure we can provide everything you need to have a seamless holiday which is why we also provide additional services including: nanny services, private cooks, extra cleaning, laundry services, and grocery shopping before you arrive.

See you soon at your August home!