• Emma S

The silver lining - positive impact for holiday home ownership during Covid-19

They say beautiful things take time and building your dream homes is no exception. So whilst the waiting game continues for many, we are ensuring everything is prepared and ready for when the time is right. That's our August guarantee.

We want you to have complete peace of mind regarding your August homes. Many are familiar with the length of time it takes to search for the perfect home, not to mention the actual buying process and the possible renovations. So can you really expect to find your dream home and start going on holiday as soon as you're ready to travel again? With August, you can.

"We have many second home projects all over The States so we're familiar with the process with how long things take but what took us for a bit of a surprise was when we bought our apartment in Paris before we discovered and joined the Signature Collection.

The language barrier was a big struggle. Can you imagine trying to renovate in a foreign language? Lucky my builder could help but we weren't really prepared for the bureaucracy. The buying process took about a year so it's lucky it's a passion project rather than out of necessity as we know very well through our previous projects how long things can take/run over!" - Lisa, Signature Collection co-owner

Enjoy waiting for your next holiday

The time it takes to find the perfect co-owners, five properties with the optimum potential to then fully renovate, in the most desirable, and easy to get to destinations that cater for 21 family's needs, no matter the season is something we get asked about a lot.

When can I start using the homes after I join an August Collection?

The typical answer is that you should expect from 12 to 18 months from when you join to when you can use your five homes. However, the way August is structured allows for the usual waiting time to complete a collection to be reduced.

The way we've made this possible is through establishing our collections in two steps:

Once we have selected the first 9 families, we establish the collection and acquire the first two properties in France. While we source, renovate and furnish your first two homes, we find the 12 next families to join your collection. Once the last 12 families have been selected and signed the official documents, we are able to purchase the remaining 3 properties in Tuscany, The Cotswolds and Mallorca.

"We know normal travelling won't be the same for a while and even though we can't travel right now, we decided to join an August Collection so that by the time we can travel again, the homes will be ready. It makes what currently seems like a bleak moment in time quite exciting because as soon as we can travel again, we'll have five homes! We're already planning for a longer trip and it something the family can look forward to!" - Fiona & David, Signature Collection

Sourcing, buying and renovating a property can take 8 to 12 months. As such, you should expect to wait up to 18 months from when you join your collection to when you can use your 5 homes. Of course, the first 9 families can start using the first 2 properties as soon as they are ready, while the 12 last families joining will have to wait for all 5 homes to be ready before being able to use any of their properties.

It has to be right...

Whether you're thinking about that future holiday home or are ready to make the move to owning the dream holiday home you've always thought of, there's an August Collection for every family. But it has to be right, and when that time comes, the August homes will be ready for you to enjoy.

“We’ve been thinking about a second home for a while and it makes sense to join an August Collection because we know it takes about 12-18 months for all homes to be ready so it’s a good use of time right now to wait as we can’t travel anyway. We want to start travelling again in 2022 as soon as we can, the homes will be ready. It gives us hope and something to look forward it.” - Scott, August Collection Family

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