• Emma S

Why wait? It's a long term lifestyle investment for this professional London family

Health, lifestyle, environment, safety and freedom are important factors for a lot of families when it comes to their day to day lives so why should your future be any different? With the outlook of leisurely activities such as travel limited in the current "new world," it's no wonder families are seeking future proof alternative options.

Having been on the lookout for many years and after searching for their dream holiday homes in the Cotswolds and France, it didn't take long for this professional West London family of five to join a collection upon discovering August. Read more about this family and why August was the right decision for them below:

Professional West London family of five

"We've been looking for a while and are familiar with the co-ownership model, it makes a lot of sense especially as it's a second home. We've even gone on a potential home visit in France, however, it just wasn't quite right, it didn't feel like we could call it our home as it didn't suit our style. What's the point of going somewhere if it's not as great as your home here in London?

So whilst we committed the same day as we enquired about August, it wasn't a rushed decision. It's the fact that August was the answer to everything we'd been looking for. All the destinations were in our search and just perfect for us. Speaking with Mélie who addressed all our questions and answered them the way I would have done, it gave us much confidence to move forward. We thought, why wait? It's for our future and in such a relevant time too. It's a long term lifestyle investment for our family. Plus we've been assured the bedrooms are designed with comfort in mind with hotel grade mattresses. We appreciate this a lot!

As a family of five, with three children under ten, our youngest just turned two, having a second home is something we've always considered but we've not rushed into because it has to be right for us. As a growing family, we did slow down on the search the last couple of years as we had a younger one. It was last year that made us really evaluate things especially as we've been able to work from home. That gave us more reason to consider a second home.

We love the Cotswolds and have been looking there for a while so we're really looking forward to the August homes. Knowing that we can jump in the car for the weekend if the home is available is a real treat. Although Chamonix is another home we're excited about. It's just perfect because we love to ski and go on annual ski trips already.

Knowing the homes are fully equipped will make our lives easy as our family holidays tend to be about the kids. So it's fewer things to worry about. We've even managed to get packing down to a minimal even with three kids, as long as everyone has their iPad and there's an internet connection, we'll be alright but if there are TV's, that would be pretty great too... can you tell we're a TV kind of family?

The concierge service will be handy for local activities - tennis clubs, horse riding, ski clubs, creche, swimming class, yoga etc and knowing that there are contacts in case anything happens is really reassuring too as you never know with the kids.

We usually travel during school holidays, however, if we can get away, we might do some long weekends but it's more likely that we go with our friends so that's something to look forward to.

Having access to the five homes will give us plenty to do for our growing family. We can get to know the places and practice our language skills. We might even add another collection in the future, when there are more locations."

If you would like to understand more about the August co-ownership model and want to invest in your future, book a call to speak to us or drop us an email, info@augustcollection.co.uk